Can “Load Bearing Wall” install heavy stuff?

Can Load Bearing Wall install heavy stuff by SCG
Can Load Bearing Wall install heavy stuff by SCG

Can “Load Bearing Wall” install heavy stuff?

“Most of home owners usually worry about hanging heavy stuffs on wall like Television, picture frame, air conditioner or shelf, especially when they decide to use wall bearing such as dry wall, wall panel and fulfill wall. ” 

Undeniably every house has to drill the wall for hanging or installing electrical machines that have got heavy weight, unfortunately, they are often broken after finished installing caused from falling problem. In fact, this damage occurs from using wrong accessories and incorrect installation. Expansion Bolt is the most important accessory to support the weight of hanging load.

Expansion bolt has many sizes and several types so different wall solution needs different expansion bolt model. For accurate installation, size of electrical drill bit that you choose has to be equal to or a bit smaller than bolt size and you have to remind that a careful usage of bolt when working on process because damaged bolt impacts to strength of installation and load bearing.

How to select expansion bolt to match kind of wall and usability?

  1. 1.Plastic expansion bolt: 

    – Brick and mortar wall, concrete wall
    – Light weight load bearing

  2. hanging heavy stuffs on wall like Television - Plastic expansion bolt

2. Butterfly-wing plastic expansion bolt with screw:

  • – Load bearing wall e.g. Drywall
    – Size PT-13
    – Maximum hanging weight 80 kg per point

hanging heavy stuffs on wall -Butterfly-wing plastic expansion bolt with screw

3. FMD special design steel expansion bolt that made from thin and sharp metal:

3.1) Light density wall like Wall Panel, Fulfill wall
3.2) There are 2 sizes up to thickness of wall
– FMD 6×32 –> Maximum hanging weight 20 kg per point
– FMD 8×38 –>Maximum hanging weight 50 kg per point

hanging heavy stuffs on wall -FMD special design steel expansion bolt that made from thin and sharp metal

Load bearing bolt comparison

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Interior ceiling board, which one to choose?

SCG Interior Ceiling

“There are several choices of materials for ceiling to choose from, for example, wood is a good choice if you need aesthetic, gypsum board has even edge joint while fiber cement board is available as artificial wood and board. You can use these guidelines to decorate your house to suit your objective. ” 

At the same time, ceiling boards like concealing board, space lining ceiling, Step ceiling and T-bar can cover pipe and wire on ceiling. Ceiling materials commonly used are wood and inflammable synthetic materials such as gypsum board and fiber cement board. Each type has different qualifications.

Wood Ceiling

       Wood is natural material which gives warm and beautiful look. However, the wood used must be processed to extend its use life such as wood impregnation and wood drying (to reduce shrinkage and prevent fungus, snout beetle, termite and mushroom) and coating the wood with teak oil. Wood with beautiful patterns is Rose Wood and Afzelia. The most popular is teak which is available in the market at 3, 4, 5 and 6-inch wide with 1-3 m. long and 8, 11 and 18 mm. thick.

Wood Ceiling idea - SCG
Picture: Example of wood ceiling decoration.

Gypsum Ceiling Board

       Generally, gypsum board is made of compressed gypsum powder covered by card board. Standard sizes are 0.6 x 0.6 m. and 0.6 x 1.2 m. Thickness available is 8, 9, 12 and 16 mm. There are several kinds of product to choose ranging from general type which can be painted and special type which has been painted, has ridged pattern, perforated pattern and coated with paper with patterns (which is easier to clean), has aluminum foil to reflect heat, fiber glass to withstand fire and ready-to-use gypsum board for specific purpose such as to be used with Step ceiling for lamps, cornered ceiling, curtain rail hole and service hole with frame hidden.  

       Gypsum ceiling normally used is T-bar and concealing types which provide smooth joints. Moreover, gypsum is light weighted, easy to cut and convenient to transport and install. However, if site area is damp like in bathroom, gypsum board is not recommended. So you should consult manufacturer to choose the right model to withstand dampness such as having dampness preventive agent, coating by vinyl PVC to prevent the ceiling from bending while being used in wet area. 

Gypsum ceiling decoration idea
Picture: Example of bedroom decoration with ready-to-use concealing kit for Step ceiling with indirect lighting.
T Bar Gypsum ceiling decoration idea
Picture: Example of T-bar gypsum board with diversity of surfaces.

 Fiber Cement Ceiling Board

       Fiber cement board is made of cellulose fiber and Portland cement in a form of lath of 3-4 inches wide, 3 m. long and 8 mm. thick for sparing gouge and multi-sized board of 0.6 X 0.6 m., 0.6 x 1.2 m., 0.6 x 2.4 m. and 1.2 x 2.4 m. with 3.5  mm. 4 mm. and 6 mm. There are several choices of surface to choose as even surface, wooden surface, gouged, wooden pattern with gouge which can be painted and special models such as ridged surface, patterned surface and color laminated or patterned with even surface which is easier to clean.  

       Fiber cement board like T-bar and gouged type is suitable to use inside of the house. Space between each space lining ceiling can create pattern. The fiber cement board is heavier than gypsum board but it is dampness-resistant so it can be used as ceiling for wet area like bathroom. It is wood-free so it is resistant to termite.

SCG Fiber Cement ceiling board
Picture: SCG Smartboard is fiber cement board with several types of surface; gouged (top left), wooden (bottom left) and wooden gouged (right) which is wood ceiling replacement.
SCG wood substitute ceiling board for decoration
Picture: SCG Smartwood (Wood Substitute) is fiber cement suitable for installing space lining ceiling which is replacement of wood.
Interior Ceiling Decoration Idea
Picture: Example of ceiling decoration with SCG Smartboards are gouged (left), gouged mixed with concealing type (top right) and T-bar (bottom right).
Ceiling Decoration Idea by SCG
Picture: Example of SCG Smartwood (Wood Substitute) of concealing type, gouged type with Step ceiling for indirect lighting (left) and example of installation of gouged SCG Smartwood (Wood Substitute) as replacement of wood (right).

       You can see that there are several types of materials to choose. Moreover, they can create diversity of gimmicks including covering undesirable mess on ceiling and being served as decoration in style a home owner desires.

Materials of ceiling boards are of variety as gypsum board, fiber cement board, wood, aluminum and vinyl etc. Each type has different advantages and disadvantages and offers different beauty. Let’s see which material matches which objectives of use.

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Reducing afternoon heat for HUBBA glass house with wooden lath and SCG fiber glass insulation

Reducing afternoon heat for HUBBA glass house
Reducing afternoon heat for HUBBA glass house

Reducing afternoon heat for HUBBA glass house with wooden lath and SCG fiber glass insulation

“Good design by using SCG Insulation to reduce afternoon heat for HUBBA glasshouse while maintaining natural daylight atmosphere.” 

Natural daylight is revitalizing since the light shining through our homes can link us to nature outside. However, sunlight brings about heat which disturbs us or makes us uncomfortable while doing activities or living in the building. Like the building, HUBBA Glasshouse, a meeting room for 25-50 people was exposed to too much sunlight so SCG had a chance to improve its condition.

HUBBA desired to retain the meeting room in modern and natural glasshouse style, so SCG designed half of area beneath the roof on west side to be ceiling board with insulation and wooden lath to allow some light in. SCG selected whited-colored gypsum board as ceiling with LED strip light hidden and installed on box beam. For heat insulation, SCG chose STAY COOL SCG heat insulation made of fiber glass designed to install above ceiling to prevent heat from attic to enter into building. For wooden lath, it is made of oak-colored SCG wood strip, already-painted fiber cement board which looks natural to form interesting pattern to filter light shining through west roof while sparing east roof to allow natural light in. HUBBA additionally installed sun curtain which can be opened and closed on demand to reduce sunlight and heat in the morning and day time.

* To get fullest efficiency of heat insulation, it is recommended to install it above all area of ceiling to prevent heat from roof from entering. In this case, we got requirement from HUBBA to retain glasshouse style, we then decided to install insulation for half of the roof on the west while on the east, HUBBA installed movable sun curtain to reduce sunlight and heat in the morning and day time.

Reducing afternoon heat by fiber glass insulation and wood substitute
Insulated ceiling board and lath to reduce heat transferred from western roof.
SCG Insulation heat block for your house
View from bottom.
SCG Gypsum Ceiling on structure frame
Ceiling material; white-colored moisture-proof gypsum board installed on steel frame.
SCG Decorative wood substitute - SCG Smartwood - Ceiling Decorative - Natural Look
Lath is made of oak-colored SCG strips installed from ceiling to the roof of the glasshouse to reduce heat and add natural touch to the building.
Co-working space design - natural look
Movable sun curtain was installed on eastern roof and glass panes to reduce natural light and heat from outside.

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