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All You Need To Know About Green Building Construction
Over the past few years, the term ‘Green Building’ has rapidly made its way in the construction industry. While it is easy to understand the...
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Q&A: Can SCG Smartboards be used for exterior walls?
We highly recommend customers to consult with project’s interior designer or engineer on the thickness and dimension of the wall frame for ...
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5 Most Common Drywall Installation Mistakes
There are more than a few misconceptions that both installers and contractors make during drywall installation. Let’s address them through this article.
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What is the different between fiber cement board and gypsum board
Better Building Solution

Fiber Cement Board VS Gypsum Board

The Frequently asked questions, “How are these two materials different?” and “How to choose for the suitable purpose?” are often asked by customers. The application

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Drywall Installation - SCG Fiber Cement Board - Gypsum
Better Building Solution

Answered: 5 Drywall Installation FAQs

The construction industry is witnessing a boom, and drywall installation is an integral part of this change. Drywall installation and purchase is nothing less than

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