Artificial wood – Beauty with durability for your house

SCG artificial wood
SCG artificial wood

Artificial wood – Beauty with durability for your house

“Nowadays, most of the time wood is the first choice for house building material such as floor, wall, or for decoration. Some people like wood but never be sure about their durability. There are some concerns; if the wood will decay if continuously expose to sun light and rain. The wood also might be chipped by a termite even with a “Anti termite chemical” because it effectiveness still questionable. Therefore, artificial wood like fiber cement is considered.”

Artificial wood’s durability

Artificial wood’s durability has an advantage to wood. The fiber cement wood is a mixture of cellulose fiber and cement which is heated with high temperature and pressure. As a result, it has high durability whether it is sun light, rain, impact, and even the termite (because it is not a wood)

SCG termite resistance artificial wood
Termite, house archenemy, house being consume by termite

picture source: http://science.howstuffworks.com

artificial wood for wall decoration
Fiber cement wood wall with acrylic paint on top
artificial wood for flooring
Brown splinter pattern fiber cement wood (Pre-painted color)


The artificial wood could be used in many applications for indoor and outdoor whether it is floor, wall, cornice, fence, batten, and eave board. It is very easy to maintenance the artificial wood compares to those woods which is need to be coated every 6 months or year and it is also cheaper. Moreover, the artificial wood has a lower expansion and contraction when facing with moisture, and various temperature.

Fiber cement wood seems to be a good choice but many people might hesitate and wonder if it could give the same feeling like the real one. So, it might be a choice between durability or beauty.


Fiber cement wood has many kinds of texture to choose such as smooth texture like shiny polished and coated plywood, and wood like texture. Normal texture of non-pre-painted fiber cement wood will be gray which need to be painted with primer before painted.

Some of the fiber cement wood will be heated with a primer from the factory, there is no need for a primer and it could be painted with acrylic pain. Furthermore, there are pre-painted fiber cement wood which is made with special heat treating for the paint to have high durability.

This pre-painted wood is very convenience because no paint is needed and there is no need to worry about peeling paint

Fiber Cement Wood’s Pattern

For a pattern, fiber cement wood with “wood like pattern” might could not compare to some real wood which have a unique natural patter. However, for a “Splinter wood pattern”, if paint with a skillful painter, it’s pattern will be exquisite and almost like the real one.

There are factors to consider before choosing texture, pattern, and color of fiber cement wood. For example, pre-painted fiber cement wood comes with less color options, for more specific color a plain one might be a choice and then paint it with desired color.

Anyhow, artificial fiber cement wood has fewer shape, size, width, thickness to choose than a real wood and because fiber cement wood is less flexible it could not be use as structure such as a floor beam or framing (while hardwood could).

If a fiber cement wood will be used for flooring, a framing must be as the manufacturing standard which need more tighten framing than a framing for real wood.

SCG artificial wood for fencing
Artificial fiber cement wood could be used for many application; flooring, wall, ceiling, and eave board.

SCG artificial wood for house decoration

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Decorating ceiling to match your house’s style

How to choose ceiling to match house style
How to choose ceiling to match house style

Decorating ceiling to match your house’s style

“Examples of design and decoration of ceilings and application of materials to create unique atmosphere which matches diverse styles of house.  “

            Ceiling plays a great role in image and beauty of the house.  We can design it and apply any materials to create unique atmosphere which matches diverse styles of house.

         Ceiling with modern-designed house In this design, ceiling is simple and shows veracity of materials. Every detail is focused to get overall outstanding compositions of modern design.

Modern ceiling board style
Modern-designed living room has simple lines but outstanding look with grey wall board having uneven surface to create dimensions. It goes well with double-space gouged fiber cement ceiling which creates impression that the room is spacious.
Natural ceiling for decoration
Empty ceiling to show wilderness and trendiness of modern loft design. The ceiling is decorated by casting concrete roof from woven mat with unique pattern below. When the concrete dries, you will get interesting ceiling patterns. Venue: Courtesy of Fuel in the Blank
Ventilated Ceiling board for modern house
Modern-designed house with exterior details added by installing sunshade lath. Eave ceiling is white air ventilation ceiling which goes well with modern design and ventilates heat from the house.

       Ceiling with natural-designed house Architects always design and select materials which are harmonious with nature; natural substances such as real wood or artificial materials such as artificial wood or synthetic wood which replace real wood but is more durable and easier to take care. 

Modern Natural wood ceiling board
Bedroom which is harmonious with nature using wood replacement materials from ceiling, walls to flooring. Wooden ceiling is installed on gables to create dimension to room space and harmony with nature.
loft ceiling board site reference
Bedroom from wood structure; decorated with pale wood pattern materials. Gouged fiber cement board was installed along slope of the roof making this small space more spacious.

       Ceiling with contemporary-designed house This style focuses on plainness which is not too daring. There are appropriate mixtures between modern and old materials to create warmth and friendliness for relaxation. 

SCG ceiling board for bedroom
Bedroom which has simple and private atmosphere suitable for relaxing. Tone of the room is white but walls have decorative materials to bring out dimensions and simple pattern to create gimmick to the ceiling by using even-rim and gouged fiber cement board. Outside, there are sunshades to filter sunlight and create privacy.
SCG wood plank smartwood for ceiling
Contemporary-designed house has wall board with air ventilating hole installed at gable and eave ceiling to reduce heat for the house. The poking eave can efficiently prevent sunlight and rain water.

       Ceiling with contemporary Thai-designed house This design portrays Thai vintage style with a contemporary twist. Simple tones such as white and warm-feeling natural color are always a top choice for this design.

Modern Thai ceiling board decoration idea
Bedroom in Thai traditional style with wooden floor and ceiling with multi-patterns made from even-rimmed and gouged fiber cement board and flooring and balustrade outside in wooden pattern for harmony and continuity of feeling with decoration inside the room.
Loft ceiling decoration idea
The bedroom was decorated in Thai-contemporary style with wall lined with fiber cement board installed in louver design like traditional Thai house. Even-rimmed fiber cement board with indirect lights helps create dimension and features to the room.

       Ceiling with classic-designed house The house has roomy and luxurious space with unusual high ceiling. Step ceiling is with indirect lights add dimension to the room. Moreover, luxury ornament items as chandelier are installed to advance extravagance.  

Luxury ceiling decoration idea
Bedroom with neat details has split-level fiber cement ceiling with holes and indirect lights. The chandelier uplifts western mansion extravagance style.
ceiling board for luxury decoration
Classic living room with roomy white fiber cement ceiling added dimension with split-level brownish ceiling brightened by gigantic chandelier and European style furniture set enhancing luxurious atmosphere to it.
Ceiling system for tuscany house
Western classic house with mix-toned terracotta roof creating outstanding look. Eave ceiling was made from lath with gouge for air ventilation under eave. The ceiling was painted in beige for harmony with the house’s design.

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Give natural touch to your balcony with “SCG SMARTWOOD (wood plank)”

How to use woodplank for balcony
How to use woodplank for balcony

Give natural touch to your balcony with “SCG SMARTWOOD (wood plank)”

“Several decoration ideas with “wooden flooring” suitable for exterior use. Since apart from natural and warm touch, it is easy to maintain and lower in price than real wood making your home a relaxing space for every special day. “

       “Balcony”, one of top spots home owners choose as relaxing space on a nice day for a party or coffee corner to appreciate view on a chilling day. We have some good ideas to decorate your balcony to have warm, relaxing and natural-feeling atmosphere.

       Apart from appearance, flooring materials for outside balcony should have good durability since it has to withstand sunlight, wind and rain. Artificial or synthetic wood is an optimal choice since it provides natural warming touch and ease of maintenance. It is lower in price than real wood making your home a relaxing space for every special day.

SCG Wood Plank site reference
Creating relaxing spot on terrace with natural touch by SCG Smartwood (Wood Plank) flooring with refined wooden pattern having real wood touch.
SCG Wood Plank balcony site reference - SCG Smartwood
Linking nature outside to inside the house with large terrace having only crystal clear sliding glass door served as entrance. Key decorative materials are wood as T-clip SCG flooring, synthetic lath and wood furniture to create relaxing atmosphere.
SCG Woodsubstitute for floor
Wood plank balcony near nice garden with Natural Beech T-clip SCG flooring giving harmonious and warm feeling with surrounding atmosphere. Colorful bag beans are in place to sit and listen to birdsong and appreciate nature around you.
SCG Smartwood balcony wood plank
Open air deck area decorated by Basic SCG wood plank flooring. Small and large sized tiles create vibes to the sea. With bag beans on the floor, you will have relaxing and serene private space next to the beach.
SCG Smartwood Wood Plank for outdoor use
Small balcony next to a pool is adorned with Natural Beech T-clip SCG flooring. With near life-sized flooring and real wood surface, color and pattern, it can brighten up pool side adding natural touch to modern-designed house.
How to select wood plank for your balcony
Transforming small space on pool side to chilling area which is closer to nature with Natural Beech T-clip SCG flooring and wood furniture.
Quality Wood substitute site reference
Adding external resting area by elevated balcony decorated with Basic SCG flooring sparing space for existing tree to grow to have cool and pleasant shade for this relaxing area.
SCG Wood substitute for flooring decoration
Transforming empty area next to your house to be chilling walking path with Basic SCG flooring with small garden to brighten up this space.
SCG Smartwood decoration site reference
Transforming this small space to be shining seat area with charm of wooden materials with shading from dark lath and chairs lined by wooden pattern to brighter tone with BASIC SCG flooring glazed to create vintage look. Small plants and flowers are added to harmoniously create relaxing space.

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Good ventilating house in a small area

Good ventilating house in a small area
Good ventilating house in a small area

Good ventilating house in a small area

“Three-storeyed house with good ventilation built in limited space under concept of full utilization of space and architectural aesthetic.  Let’s see … how they did that ” 

Small space will not enclose huge creativity. On the contrary, all physical limitations are challenges for architects to manage space. Managing “space” can be done by twisting, rotating, pulling, extending, interlocking and linking by space or other architectural compositions to interpret, translate, convey message and creating 3-D space to fully utilize and create aesthetic.

       Like this 3-storeyed house in Soi Sukhumvit 50 (Soi Ari Rak), it is surrounded by buildings and houses so it has a lot of limitations. This house is located at the end of alley and enclosed by buildings. There is small space at entrance since it jointly uses fence with other neighbours at the end of the alley. Both sides of the houses are enclosed by neighbors’ buildings. Moreover, a 4-storeyed apartment building is located behind the house. The entrance to the house is only 5 meters wide. All these contexts make the designer think about perspective of entrance, space which is in line with utilized area and direct and indirect use of natural light and air ventilation inside.

Small house plan idea
The house area surrounded by buildings with limited space of road and entrance.

       The architects started to design the building from a box with hole in the middle to make it U-shape to create court to link space in and outside and reduced mass in front to create space for garage on ground floor. The second floor is cantilever protruding above entrance. It is interlocking mass of each part of the house to create unity of shape which is metaphor to body with organs interlocking with each other. The interlocked space is served as master bedroom of female doctor, the owner of the house.

Small house interlock
Diagrams of shape concepts, building court, space and unity by interlocking technique.

       Main concept for designing this house is to have common area for all family members while maintaining individual privacy which is suitable for needs and activities of 2 different generations. This house, therefore, allows everyone to spend private time and share quality time with each other in large family space.

Living room in small house idea
Common area for different generations is key concept of this house.

       Two-storeyed lobby in the middle of the house has one-side wall linked with external space with a large opening allows day light inside and good air ventilation. This is main area for family activities such as living room and dining room. U-shape mass encircling this area is individual function having stairs to link each floor.

ventilating house in a small area interior design
High lobby encircled by U-shape mass allows thorough light and good air ventilation.

       Building planning focuses on direction of wind and sunlight by designing internal area to be exposed to wind and natural light as much as possible. Therefore, the architect designed the living room to be on east side of the house which links to adjacent house and has better perspective compared with other sides. Bedroom is located in the north and south and kitchen and bathroom in the west.

      The ground floor is consisted of living room, dining room and a senior bedroom. The second floor is composed of library, theatre and 2 master bedrooms. The third floor has 2 bedrooms and Buddhism room. The deck is living with panoramic view for hosting evening party.  

Small house site reference
Planning the house to be in line with sunlight and wind direction, context and perspective to outside.

       The house’s style is mixed between modern and minimalism with simple geometric shapes without luxury decorative items. It has large opening lined with large pane of glass as door and window. The building is in white making it outstanding yet humble. Moreover, decorative materials from external parts to inside of the house are tinted with naturalism. The house is decorated with natural materials or natural tone materials such as rock and wood mixed with wooden and marble pattern ceramic tiles. It makes modern style softer and warmer making the house homey and suitable as residence. Every inch of this house is ideal as house design model with limited space using concept of space utilization, opening to new view and harmonious use of shapes and decorative items. 

Small house in small space site reference
The house is modern. It looks white and clean and outstanding with its shape.
Small house in small space interior design
Making a house homey with natural material items including wooden and marble pattern ceramic tile.


Project Name             HOME S 50
Project Owner           Amphaiwan Rungbunpun
Location                        Sukhumvit 50 Bangkok
Area Size                      650 sqm
Architect                      DFAP Architect Co.,Ltd. (Tel. 081-869 7226)
                                           Preecha Nawaprapakul
                                          Sakorn Thongduang
Interior                         Space Plus
Photographer          Boonchet Jongsuwanich


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Reducing afternoon heat for HUBBA glass house with wooden lath and SCG fiber glass insulation

Reducing afternoon heat for HUBBA glass house
Reducing afternoon heat for HUBBA glass house

Reducing afternoon heat for HUBBA glass house with wooden lath and SCG fiber glass insulation

“Good design and use of SCG materials will reduce afternoon heat for HUBBA glasshouse while maintaining natural daylight atmosphere.” 

Natural daylight is revitalizing since the light shining through our homes can link us to nature outside. However, sunlight brings about heat which disturbs us or makes us uncomfortable while doing activities or living in the building. Like the building, HUBBA Glasshouse, a meeting room for 25-50 people was exposed to too much sunlight so SCG had a chance to improve its condition.

HUBBA desired to retain the meeting room in modern and natural glasshouse style, so SCG designed half of area beneath the roof on west side to be ceiling board with insulation and wooden lath to allow some light in. SCG selected whited-colored gypsum board as ceiling with LED strip light hidden and installed on box beam. For heat insulation, SCG chose STAY COOL SCG heat insulation made of fiber glass designed to install above ceiling to prevent heat from attic to enter into building. For wooden lath, it is made of oak-colored SCG wood strip, already-painted fiber cement board which looks natural to form interesting pattern to filter light shining through west roof while sparing east roof to allow natural light in. HUBBA additionally installed sun curtain which can be opened and closed on demand to reduce sunlight and heat in the morning and day time.

* To get fullest efficiency of heat insulation, it is recommended to install it above all area of ceiling to prevent heat from roof from entering. In this case, we got requirement from HUBBA to retain glasshouse style, we then decided to install insulation for half of the roof on the west while on the east, HUBBA installed movable sun curtain to reduce sunlight and heat in the morning and day time.

Reducing afternoon heat by fiber glass insulation and wood substitute
Insulated ceiling board and lath to reduce heat transferred from western roof.
SCG Insulation heat block for your house
View from bottom.
SCG Gypsum Ceiling on structure frame
Ceiling material; white-colored moisture-proof gypsum board installed on steel frame.
SCG Decorative wood substitute - SCG Smartwood - Ceiling Decorative - Natural Look
Lath is made of oak-colored SCG strips installed from ceiling to the roof of the glasshouse to reduce heat and add natural touch to the building.
Co-working space design - natural look
Movable sun curtain was installed on eastern roof and glass panes to reduce natural light and heat from outside.

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Various Functions, Several Ideas: Decorate your home with SCG Smartboards and SCG Cement boards.

Decorative your home by using fiber cement board - SCG Smartboard
Decorative your home by using fiber cement board - SCG Smartboard

Various Functions, Several Ideas: Decorate your home with SCG Smartboards and SCG Cement boards.

A variety of functions for SCG smartboard and SCG Cement board application helps decorate your home’s interior/exterior ceiling, wall, and floor work outstanding, including innovative ideas which create gimmicks that reflect unique creativities of the users.

Both SCG smartboard and SCG Cement board are materials that are able to meet suitable purposes, both in structure and decoration work, because they are strong and flexible materials. Their well-known outstanding qualities are termite and moisture resistance; therefore it can be used for both interior and exterior ceiling, walls, and floors.

SCG Smartboard is a fiber cement board with the main components of cement and cellulose fibers from trees combined with Silica sand. There are smooth surface, imitation wood pattern surface, and grooving surface. The popular application of this board is surface covering with other decorative materials such as painting, tiling, and skim coat plastering. While SCG cement board is woodchip cement with smooth surface, colorful, and has loft cement pattern which is suitable for work that needs to show the surface and decorate in loft style. Both types of board can be used to mix and match to get the desired style or pattern and also can be applied to create gimmicks and uniqueness in home decoration that reflect creative and innovative ideas as in the following examples:

Decorate your ceiling with SCG smartboards, even though the ceiling is just one component of the house but if values the importance and selects meticulously, it will help enhance the perspective and signature to your home.

Decorative your ceiling by using fiber cement board - SCG Smartboard
Give details to your modern and white airy living room with a combination of SCG smartboards, smooth edge and grooving surface series, perfectly arranged in an alternate pattern design.


Resort Style Ceiling - SCG Smartboard - SCG Smartwood
Decorate the ceiling to create a relaxing atmosphere of the resort style with SCG smartboard ceilings, smooth edge and timber pattern series, that come with natural patterns and feelings which are compatible with the room ambience.


How to decorate your ceiling by using SCG fiber cement board
Decorate exterior ceilings with SCG smartboard ceilings, grooving surface and smooth edge series, to create layers of false ceiling and paint with ivory color to give a warm and gentle feeling.


how to install ventilated ceiling - scg smartboard
Modernize your eaves with SCG smartboard ceilings, smooth edge and ventilated series, mix and match which gives its unique signature and helps decently cool off the roof of your home.


Various types and functions of SCG smartboard have qualities of being strong, lightweight and easy to be installed which are able to be cut, carved, painted, or modified to create patterns that are innovative and interesting to the wall of your home, endlessly.


SCG wall panel by SCG smartboard using for wall partition
Use SCG Smartboard walls as barrier to divide the room area into partitions.


Decorate your wall by using SCG Fiber Cement Board
Add features to the walls with SCG Smartboard, cut into shapes and sizes as desired and install to make a wave pattern and create dimensions to the wall.


SCG Fiber Cement Board for wall application
Install SCG Smartboards on the wall as shelf.


Decorative external wall by using SCG Fiber Cement Board
Add lines and dimensions to the exterior walls with SCG Smartboard walls, grooving pattern series, painted with light brown color to match with the color of the roof, frame, and balcony.


Charm your floor and wall with a typical loft-style with SCG Cement board. SCG Cement board is a material that picks up the rawness and the cement physique and combines with distinctive benefits of the wood. With these qualities, it makes the cement board suitable for floor and wall work that needs to show decorations in loft style or replace with loft cement work.


Decorate living room to be loft style by using SCG cement board
Living room decorated in a simple loft style. Focus on showing the charm of material from the application of SCG Cement board as walls which give perfect touch of rawness.


Decorate bedroom to be loft style by using SCG cement board
Decorate the headboard wall with SCG Cement board that fits well with the polished plaster wall in the loft style and the white, gray, and black tone of the bedroom.


Decorate your home - restaurant to be loft style by using SCG cement board
Design every part of the house or restaurant with SCG Cement board that can be used for both floor and wall for prettiness, exquisite, and coolness. It helps drive furniture and decorations stand out more.


Decorate your wall and floor to be loft style by using SCG cement board
Coffee corner that uses SCG Cement board for both floor and wall which gives the raw feeling of coolness in loft cement style decorated with exotic lamps and chairs which makes it the highlight of the room that fits well with the loft style.




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All You Need To Know About Green Building Construction

Green Building Construction by SCG - Starbucks
Green Building Construction by SCG - Starbucks

All You Need To Know About Green Building Construction

Over the past few years, the term ‘Green Building’ has rapidly made its way in the construction industry of India. While it is easy to understand the overview of this term, not many are fully aware of this concept. In this article, we aim to bring out the basics as well as some essential things that you need to consider while opting for a green building project.

Let us begin with the definition itself and the basic understanding of green building construction.

What is Green Building Construction?

Professional Green Building Consultant

The term refers to a structure whose planning, designing, construction and maintenance follow an environmentally responsible and resource-efficient approach. As compared to conventional buildings, green buildings are known for their excellent sustainability and environmentally friendly construction. This type of construction is becoming popular all across the world to ensure a healthy and clean planet.

Benefits of Green Building

When it comes to the benefits of green building, it is not easy to mention them all as they are innumerable. For simplification, we have grouped the benefits into three categories, namely: environmental, social and economic. Take a look.

1. Environmental Benefits

Green Building Construction by SCG

Few of the foremost ways in which green buildings prove to be beneficial for the environment is the fact that they use less electricity, minimum amount of water and are highly efficient when compared to conventional buildings. You can employ various techniques and products to achieve these aims of the green buildings. For instance, instead of building a traditional brick wall, you can opt for new-age products like fibre cement boards or drywall.

Here at SCG Smart Build, we offer high-quality fiber cement boards as well as drywalls for green buildings. These products completely recyclable and don’t even need water and or fertile soil for installation. By launching these products, we aim to conduct business on the principles of sustainable development and wish to make the world a better place to live.

2. Economic Benefits

A green building is not just a thoughtful decision; it also reflects economically sound business decisions. The benefits can vary as per the application of the building. The construction of green buildings usually cost less money, and their maintenance is also low. Moreover, the property value of a green building is always considered high in the market. Another added benefit is that green buildings use energy efficient products; thus, they also reduce electricity consumption significantly. Our SCG Smart Build Smartboard can prevent heat and cold from the external environment; therefore, is well suited for areas with extreme weather conditions.

3. Social Benefits

The benefits of green buildings go beyond the economic and environmental aspects and bring positive impacts to society as well. Studies have reported that people working and living in green buildings are healthier and more productive. With a healthy body and mind, the quality of life also increases. Moreover, green buildings are also visually appealing making people feel good about their surroundings and feel happy.

Things to Consider During Green Building Construction

Drywall Solution Green Building Consultant Team by SCG

Below are a few things you must keep in mind when involved in a green building project:

  • Location:

    You must check the location to find out the effective ways you can utilize to cut costs and save money from the beginning. Moreover, it should also be kept in mind whether you have to create a new structure or revamp an existing one. As per the weather, you can orient your building for better cooling or heating effects. Furthermore, if the area is not much greener, you can co-create and make the building’s surrounding greener; thus, helping in reducing pollution as well.

  • Lighting:

    The design of the building should be prepared in such a way that it allows natural lighting to illuminate the indoor areas. Other than that, you can also use environmentally friendly lighting solutions to make the building energy efficient.

  • Water Efficiency:

    Water wastage in construction with conventional material is a huge issue which often gets overlooked. However, this is one of the main benefits of green building and hence must be carefully treated. As mentioned earlier, you can install fiber cement boards to make wall partitions as they don’t use water.

  • Environmentally Friendly Products:

    Before opting for the products used in the construction, check if they have appropriate standardization or not. Quality products always have various certifications that verify that they conform to the requirements of international standards. We at SCG Smart Build, also offer products that go through various tests on various parameters like industrial standard, strength, durability, fire test and so on. For detail information, you can explore our website.

Opting for green building construction is not just a wise step, it is the need of the hour. Every once in a while, we are informed that the health of our planet is degrading day by day and the causes behind that are none other than our excessive activities that affect and exploit the environment.  Therefore, it is essential that more and more buildings should replace the conventional building and contribute to a healthy world.

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It’s Time to Think Past the Traditional Brick Homes

Drywall Construction
Drywall Construction

It’s Time to Think Past the Traditional Brick Homes

Traditional brick homes are such a common sight in India that one hardly thinks about a home made up of something other than that. Even trendy places today have brick walls as a style statement to lend their space a rustic look. However, when things run-of-the-mill, it’s an indication that something new needs to be introduced to the market. In case of construction industry, that one thing can be drywall.

Though drywall is not a new term for architects, its use is quite restricted in India’s construction industry. However, looking at the advantages that drywall construction has over traditional brick walls, there is no doubt that opting for the former sounds more reasonable and wiser. Below are some of the reasons why there is a need for a shift to drywalls and leave behind the traditional brick walls:

  • Versatile and Attractive

Unlike brick walls, drywall can be easily curved and moulded into different shapes and sizes to suit the surroundings. Their versatility makes them best for decorative ceilings and arches. Moreover, unlike plaster drywall construction does not take more time to achieve perfection. Not to mention, their smooth and stylish texture improves the overall look of the home.

  • Faster Construction

Completing a construction project using drywall is way faster. As drywalls are lighter and easy to install, workers do not have to put a lot of time and energy in handling them. Moreover, there is no requirement of water and sand to put up a drywall; hence, reducing the mess during construction. Such handiness improves planning and managing on the site; helping the architects and contractors in finishing the work earlier with better output.

  • Fire Resistance

Drywalls have proved to be more fire resistant when compared to brick walls. It is said that drywall can hold up the fire for around 4 hours, giving enough time for evacuation. Therefore, installing them at homes is a wise step to ensure the safety and security of family members.

  • Moisture and Water-Resistance

Damp walls are one of the most common issues that Indian homes struggle with. To overcome this issue, one can opt for drywalls which are known for their moisture and water-resistant properties. By combating dampness, drywalls tend to last longer and stay stronger for a lifetime.

  • Sound Resistance Interior

There is no doubt in the fact that noise pollution is rising at a rapid pace, especially in urban areas. While it’s not easy to curb this problem single-handedly, one can always take steps to ensure that their family members are not exposed to the harmful effects of noise pollution. The first step begins from one’s home, and drywall construction can prove to be quite effective in that. They come with superior acoustics with a sound rating of up to 66 decibels which helps in making rooms sound resistance.  

  • Energy Efficient

Nowadays, most of the architectural projects are planned keeping in mind the sustainability of the methods which can improve the energy efficiency of the facility. The same can apply to homes. Drywalls offer thermal insulation and keep the temperature inside the house at a comfortable level while eliminating the need to install any other alternatives to maintain the temperature.

  • An Environmentally-friendly Option

This is probably one of the most critical reasons why drywalls should be installed in homes. They are completely recyclable and require no water and sand for installation. Keeping in mind the issues of water scarcity, drywalls offers the construction industry a better alternative to save water and become more responsible towards nature.

By opting for drywalls, one not just ensures a strong and efficient home for their family members but also shows a responsible attitude towards the environment. Looking at the diverse needs of Indian society, drywall manufacturers like SCG Smart Build have launched various types of drywalls with plenty of advantages over the traditional brick walls.

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