What Is Grooved Fiber Cement Board?

Grooved Fiber Cement Board for decoration long lasting

Montania Fiber Cement Board

Grooved Fiber Cement Board

Enhances the natural finish urban texture!

Giving your home or building an intimate look with the art of design by Montania Grooved board , by grooving, it enhances the natural finish urban texture.

What Is High Density Fiber Cement Board?

High Density Fiber Cement Board - modern office Reference site

High Density Fiber Cement Board

High Density Fiber Cement Board

Reinforced fiber cement board, processed by special technology with special texture that bring your wall beauty & outstanding.

    High density Fiber Cement Board is already used for exterior wall facade and interior decorative wall such as tunnel, subway, airport, marketplace, hospital, office, kitchen, laboratory, bathroom, and etc.