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Thermal and Acoustic Insulation

Thermal & Acoustic Insulation

SCG Acoustic Control System maximizes the enjoyment of your living space by properly preventing heat from weather outside & sound migration from one room to another.

  • Lightweight and Easy to Work
  • Fast Installation and Clean Site
  • Thermal, Sound and Fire Resistance
  • Enviro-Friendly and Energy Saving

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Product Option

Cylence Zandera Acoustic is designed to easily apply to many types of wall with adhesive and suitable for many types of room with your own designs such as living room, home theater room, music room, meeting room, recording studio room, karaoke, etc.

The ultimate goal of room design in habitat or buildings is to create peaceful and functional living spaces. So the factors that need to consider is preventing or controlling in&out disturb noise to achieve the sound solution as required.

Cylence Armax is easily installed with T-Bar suspened ceiling system for commercial, office and residential buildings. It’s performs an excellent acoustic as well as thermal insulation performance, No sagging and cleanable are the outstanding benefits of SCG Acoustic for Ceiling Tile.

Thermacoustic (TMA) Blanket is a non-combustible, lightweight and resilient glasswool, its excellent sound absorption property and also thermal resistance helps improving Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of exterior wall and interior drywall partition and saving electricity cost.

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